Pediatric Eating Assessment Tool (PediEAT)

Once the child begins consuming complimentary foods, the PediEAT is the more appropriate tool to administer. This tool assesses infant and child feeding behaviors of liquids and solids from 6 months through 7 years of age. The PediEAT has 78 items and 4 subscales: Physiologic Symptoms, Problematic Mealtime Behaviors, Selective /Restrictive Eating, and Oral Processing. Parents score each item on a 6-point Likert scale (Never, Almost Never, Sometimes, Often, Almost Always, Always). Total and total subscale scores are derived with higher scores indicating more problematic symptoms of a feeding problem. Percentiles and T scores represented by the total and subscale scores are provided in the PediEAT Scoring Guidelines.

A 10-item screening tool using the most distinctive items of the PediEAT are also available for 3 age groups: PediEAT 10-Item Screener 6-15 months, PediEAT 10-Item Screener 15-30 months, and the PediEAT 10-Item Screener 2.5-7 years.

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