Early Feeding Skills (EFS)

EFS Clinical Version

There are 2 versions of the EFS – one that is commonly used clinically and targeted on the feeding skill for research purposes. Both versions have the exact same feeding assessment section (with 5 subscales) that has strong psychometric properties. The clinical version includes 2 additional sections: pre-feeding Readiness (3 items) and post-feeding Recovery (2 items). These additional sections have been found to be useful for clinical practice; however, they have not had their psychometric properties tested.

EFS Research Version

The EFS Research Version is the main section of the EFS that examines the infant’s feeding skills and behaviors. There are 19 items in this section and 5 subscales:  Respiratory Regulation, Oral-Motor Function, Swallowing Coordination, Engagement, and Physiologic Stability. This main section of the EFS has strong psychometrics properties and has been tested with infants up to age 2 months who were fed by breast or bottle.

EFS Scoring Guidelines

The EFS scoring guidelines provide details on how to score the EFS items with definitions of terms and items. This is meant to guide the scoring and is used during training.

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